How do you differ from other Wing Chun schools?

We are a small informal interest group, not a professional business. We adopt a friendly peer-coaching approach in which more advanced students guide beginners. Every martial arts group has a unique emphasis and approach. We emphasize postural alignment.You are welcome to visit us to see if you are a good fit for our group. Please introduce yourself via our contact form on the below.

Are there any age or gender restrictions?

The training is suitable for anyone over 13 years old. There is no upper age limit – it’s never too late to start. Our group has both male and female members of all ages.

What attire do you train in? Is there a uniform?

We do not have a uniform – come in comfortable clothes and flat-soled shoes.  Kung fu shoes work best.

Do you train indoors or outdoors?

Currently, we are only training on Zoom. When we re-open in-person classes, we will return to training indoors in a garage on weeknights and by Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park on Sundays.

Do I have to attend all sessions a week?

While we strongly recommend that you train regularly, you do not have to join us at both sessions.


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